Monday, August 11, 2014

2013 Blanc de Blancs

Erie Shore Vineyard is pleased
to release the first of many 2013 Vintages!


WINE NOTES:  Erie Shore Vineyard- Harrow, ON 
Winemaker – Harvey Hollingshead  Vintage: 2013 
750 mL  Retail:  $12.95  Aged in Stainless Steel .
  Sugar Code (0)  Serve at 10 C  (50F)

A great aromatic vintage.  Lovely, crisp dry white wine.
  Fragrant, floral bouquet, crisp finish, great balance and mouth feel.
  Citrus, with subtle peach, apple, pear and kiwi.

Nicely Matched
with appetizers, seafood, shell fish, pates, fruit and cheese.

410 County Road 50 West