Friday, February 6, 2009

!!Wine of the Month!!

We are very pleased to have our 2006 VQA Unoaked Chardonnay selected as the wine of the month by Essex Wine Review! This wine continues to receive great reviews. Thank you Essex Wine Review!
We offer these wine notes for the 2006 Erie Shore Vineyard VQA Unoaked Chardonnay

Wine Notes: Chardonnay – Erie Shore Vineyard- Harrow, ON
Winemaker – Harvey Hollingshead
Vintage 2006 750 mL Retail $12.95
Aged in Stainless Steel. Sugar Code (0) Serve at 10 Degrees C (50-55F)

The 2006 VQA Chardonnay is a lovely, fruity, but dry mid-bodied white wine. Unoaked.
Nicely matched with most main courses including: chicken, beef, game, lamb, pork, vegetables, cream sauces, most cheeses, pizza, Thai and Chinese.
For more reviews of this and other wines, see essex wine review or our wine list online.

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