Monday, September 19, 2011

ECFA Farm Hiker Tour-

Thanks to all who attended the ECFA FARM HIKER TOUR-Erie Shore Vineyard was proud to be one of the Host Farms. Over 1,000 learned about wine growing and winemaking with vineyard displays, seen & fed the horses, and played on the grass. The Pavilion had delicious local food available, prepared by Gourmet Chef Jeff Wright of ToYourKitchen, wine tasting, and wine by the glass were also available in the pavilion.

Did you test your identification skills?

Answers to our Id Variety quiz and other:

-Can you identify a grape variety?

1. Chardonnay

2. Riesling

3. Vidal

4 Zweigelt

5. Cabernet Franc

6. Chambourcin

7. Baco Noir

For a wine to use the VQA term on its label it:

A) Must be 100% made from grapes grown in one of Ontario’s four designated viticultural areas

B) Must be made from an approved list of Vitis Vinifera grape varieties &/or French Hybrid varieties.

C) Must be entirely fermented processed, blended, finished and bottled in Ontario

D) All of the above

E) None of the above

How many of Erie Shore Vineyard’s wines are estate grown?_All

Thank you for coming out and enjoy the great produce, products and hospitality of the County. Thank you to the ECFA (Essex County Federation of Agriculture)

Cabernet Franc 

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