Friday, September 18, 2009

Hawk Migration receives ideal weather conditions...

We are looking forward to a great migration this weekend. We reprint and link to Steve Pollock of the Toledo Blade for his article on this phenomenon, and a photo by Len Strahl:

Article published September 16, 2007:

Weather conditions ideal for annual hawk migration

..."The setup is about as good as it gets for the next several days, given the vagaries of nature, for a "big day" in the migration of hawks around the northwest corner of Lake Erie.
That corner marks a natural funnel for tens of thousands of hawks and other birds of prey in the annual autumn southbound migration to warmer climes. Traditionally major movements of birds of prey, or raptors, occur in mid September on the back side of a cold front, such as the region is experiencing this weekend.".....

On Sept. 17, 1998, a record of nearly 517,000 hawks soared past two sites, and on Sept. 18, 2004, nearly 131,000 hawks and other raptors glided overhead. Such noteworthy passages have put the region on the ornithological map."...


See the entire article online:

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