Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wine Pairings for (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up very soon: Monday, October 12th. Thansgiving always seems to be in the midst of harvest for us, and this year will be no different. Having grown up on a farm, Thansgiving was also a busy time usually with corn harvest.
Even though it was usually a busy time, we always kept the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. We try to do the same today. There should always be some time to reflect on what to be thankful for.

We suggest the following Erie Shore Vineyard vintage white and red pairings for your Thanksgiving Dinner:

with Turkey: Chardonnay, Summer Sun and Cabernet Franc

with Dinner Ham: Riesling, Baco Noir or Ridge Red.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy it with family and friends!

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